Glebe At A Glance featured a post about Kettleman’s this week, featuring a soundbite by co-owner Craig Buckley. The article touches on the benefits of our new oven and features some great comments from the community.

The new oven was a necessary change, says Baker Reed Dhaliwal. “It makes much better bagels,” he explains as he rolls out a batch of pumpernickel dough.

An employee at Kettleman’s Bagel Co. for three years, Dhaliwal says he makes more than 6,000 bagels on a given weekday and more than 12,000 on the weekends. With the new oven, he expects those numbers to rise.

That means more bagels for Henderson and his friends to eat. “When Kettleman’s was closed, I was hungry after school,” says Graham Connell, 15. “I’d try and get home from school as fast as possible and get something to eat. Now, I can just come here.”

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