“Yo Kettleman’s. What’s the deal with your knishes? They’re friggin’ delicioius”. – a guy named Lance who came to the store at 3 a.m. after a show at Irene’s Pub

Knishes. The deliciously simple snack food. We make them in the potato, pizza, and spinach variety. They’re considered one of our house specialities. Whether you’re on the go and need a quick snack, or if you’ve just waltzed into the store at 3 a.m. like our friend Lance, there’s never NOT a good time to have a knish. The question’s been asked regarding what the deal is with knishes. Well…there’s no deal really. Come in to our store on Bank Street, and we’ll gladly provide a single morsel, a half dozen of them, or an even dozen knishes for a very reasonable price. With that said – if you’re interested in a few small facts about the knish – we’re here to share.

According to Wikipedia….the knish was introduced to North American palettes by Jewish immigrants from the Ukraine around 1900. The word “knish” (yiddish in origin) is derived from the Ukrainian “knysh” that means a “kind of bun”. They can be baked or fried (ours are baked). They’re made with a flaky dough and consist of a filling. The first knish bakery was founded in New York City around 1910. Here’s some random facts about knishes…

  • Knishes are often cut with a “knife”, another word that suspiciously and unnecessarily starts with the letter “k”.
  • Knishes were privately stated as the reason that Kim Kardashian and what’s-his-face separated.
  • Knishes are sometimes filled with cream and glazed with chocolate. When you do this, you should be prevented from referring to what you’ve made as a “knish”, because it’s a donut.
  • Knishes are the distant cousins of perogies. They’re very distant though, and they often don’t talk to each other at family reunions. They used to be friends with blintzes, but they started liking different things and don’t talk anymore.
  • We serve the delectable knish platter as a catering item. If you want them at a birthday party, office gathering, Christmas party….whatever…we deliver them with 48 hours notice.

Got a hankering for our knishes? Order our platter online for your next catering requirement or contact us.