It’s important to know the history of certain things. Ancient civilizations, the history of the universe, even your own family history. Same thing goes for cream cheese – or as we like to refer to it – schmear (it’s Yiddish name and what it should be called as far as we’re concerned).

In 1872, cream cheese was invented by American dairymen, William Lawrence of Chester, N.Y. He accidentally developed a method of producing cream cheese while trying to reproduce a French cheese called Neufchatel. Willy distributed his brand in foil wrappers from 1880 under the name of the Empire Company. He called his cheese PHILADELPHIA Brand Cream Cheese, now the famous trademark and widely recognized brand in most grocery stores. In 1903, the Phoenix Cheese Company of New York bought the business and with it the Philadelphia trademark. PHILADELPHIA Brand Cream Cheese was bought by the Kraft Cheese Company in 1928. Kraft Foods still owns and produces PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese today.

James L. Kraft invented pasteurized cheese in 1912, and that lead to the development of pasteurized Philadelphia Brand cream cheese, it is now the most popular cheese used for making cheesecake today. If you want regular old boring processed cream cheese – the Kraft variety is a great choice the next time you’re at a big 24 hour grocery store that sells clothes and pharmaceuticals. If you want to experience cream cheeses and spreads that are hand mixed and created with real authentic fresh flavour in mind – then we’re also open 24 hours a day. That’s why we offer free samples every day right near the cash.