Planning your next office party? According to statistics, an office party is the perfect way to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and heighten employee morale.

In fact, an office party can be a platform where employees can get to know one another outside the professional setting, where freelancers and contract workers can feel like a real part of the team, and a place where employees and employers alike can casually gain perspective on the successes and failures of the business. This all sounds perfect, except for one minor detail. They can be a pain to plan.

To help ensure the planning phase is pain-free, we’ve outlined the main points of a successful office party:

Planning an Office Party

  • Choose the Location – The office isn’t always the right location for a party. Employees may feel anxious and might still maintain a “work-mode” attitude instead of relaxing and enjoying themselves. Depending on the number of employees attending and the time of year, the party could be held at the Rink of Dreams outdoor skating rink, the Atomic Rooster karaoke bar, or enjoying the fresh air of the great outdoors at Fitzroy Provincial Park. Choose a place that is convenient for everyone.
  • Invite Family – While inviting employees’ spouses and families might make the party a bit more expensive, it could save a lot of hassle in the long run and create the relaxing atmosphere you are hoping for. With spouses and family present, employees may be less likely to become involved in unwanted behavior, like drinking too much alcohol or crossing personal boundaries that could lead to sexual harassment cases.
  • Clients – If appropriate, consider inviting some of your most loyal clients to the office party. This will allow employees to casually get to know the clients, discover their interests, and learn how they can serve the clients more efficiently without the pressure of a boardroom.
  • Activities – Give your employees the opportunity to get to know one another through fun activities like karaoke, drawings, comical awards, and silent auctions. Games like bingo and charades are fun for any size group and are fantastic ice-breakers for individuals who are used to a strict work environment and need a little help loosening up.
  • Catering – The highlight of the party will always be the food, so make sure it’s spectacular. Potlucks might work for some events, but there’s always the potential problem, –some employees may have special dietary needs while others may forget to bring food altogether. To take the hassle out of food planning, choose Kettleman’s Bagel Co. We’re your Ottawa catering company! Orders can be placed in person, online, or over the phone, giving you the opportunity to easily provide employees with the best in casual Ottawa catering for breakfast, lunch, or dinner parties.

Kettleman’s Bagel Co. is famous for its deli platters, complete with pickles, garlic olives, roast pork, roast beef, black forest ham, assorted bagels, and so much more. Vegetarian platters and hot breakfast boxes are also available, and always delivered on time.

Want to encourage career development, provide employees with a place to get to know each other better, and improve the long term growth of your company? Who wouldn’t?

Throw an office party, and use these tips and the best in Ottawa catering to make it a success!