Do you want to know one of the best ways to pull together resources and knowledge to spark growth, inspiration and motivation in your workplace or industry? Plan and hold a local conference.

Conferences allow us to get to know individuals within our fields, performing the same type of work as we do, while at the same time offering unique insights and opportunities. This helps us determine what practices work and which may be a waste of time. Conferences give us perspective on our ideas and questions, and allow us to develop solutions we may not have been able to develop on our own.

If you are in the process of planning a conference, a big turnout can ensure every idea within the industry is heard and discussed. However, this is only possible if you know how to properly plan for a conference to ensure a good turnout.

How to Ensure A High Turnout of Attendees at Your Next Conference

  • Set a Date – Setting the right date for a conference can seem difficult for the inexperienced, but simply requires a bit of forethought. Plan the conference before or after another conference in your industry is scheduled, and make sure it is in the same city. This gives attendees more incentive to show up. You should also plan the conference early, at least six months in advance, and choose a date that does not coincide with a holiday or other large community events.
  • Choose a Venue – Choosing a venue can determine the success or failure of a conference, so it must be chosen wisely. Choose a venue near the airport, ensuring beforehand that it is adequately sized for the number of individuals you expect to attend. In Ottawa, some of the best choices are the Timber Ridge Golf Course, The Royal Ottawa Golf Club, and the Casino Du Lac Leamy.
  • Keynote Speakers – Although you may not be able to bring in high dollar speakers, be sure to choose those who have innovative ideas and are currently experiencing a high rate of success. Depending on your industry, choose relevant topics, such as social media, industry insights, or current market trends.
  • Discounts – Want to attract more conference attendees? Once you have set the cost for each individual attending, consider offering discounts to those who register for the conference early, those who attended your last conference, and those who are attending in groups. This can quickly increase the turnout and ensure a successful event.
  • Catering – Conferences aren’t just about being productive, although this is a large part of them; they are also about relaxing. For many in business, conferences are like mini-vacations. Individuals get to see new cities, meet new people, and taste area food. While the individuals they meet and the way they appreciate the city is out of your control, serving the best food is an easy way to ensure they are as relaxed and open to new ideas as possible.

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