In today’s world, busy work schedules are most often the biggest causes of stress in our lives. We have so many responsibilities, and when new opportunities present themselves, we just can’t seem to turn them down.

It’s easy to end up trying to juggle a schedule that leaves little to no time for enjoying your family, friends, or- gasp!- sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing.

At the end of the day, though, most of us don’t win any awards for having to-do lists a mile long. While our hard work is appreciated by both our employers and the customers who depend on us, not being able to simplify our work schedule and have the ability to take time off to recharge each day can be extremely stressful and could result in feeling tired, worn out, and even depressed.

But how do you take a schedule that is so full and organize it so you can finally get that well-deserved down time?

Here are just a few tips:

Simplifying Your Work Schedule

  • Project Management Software – Trying to manage a new project with several different employees or co-workers? Take some of the stress and time out by using project management software like Basecamp. With this type of software, you can track the time needed to complete each project, message others, share files, and create and manage milestones.
  • Independent Contractors – If your work schedule is too hectic, it may be time to think about recruiting others to help you with the work load. If you don’t want to hire actual employees, try hiring independent contractors instead. This way, when the project is completed and the work load lightens, you aren’t left paying employee salaries you can’t afford.
  • Leave Space – Planning out every single second of your day might work for some, but it can also quickly backfire. When your six year old’s school calls to say your son is sick and must come home, your entire schedule is ruined, and you end up being behind on every task for the rest of the day. Instead of planning for every minute, leave some space in your schedule for those unexpected breaks. This way, you have plenty of time to catch up, and if you do end up with extra time, you can spend it on yourself.
  • Ottawa Catering – Every meal you prepare for your family takes at least one or two hours out of your day, between preparing it, cooking it, and eating it (not to mention chasing the kids around to make them presentable for the supper table.) Every once in a while, take some of that time back by using an Ottawa catering company like Kettleman’s Bagel Co. At Kettleman’s Bagel Co., we can provide you with a quick and easy meal at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Our Ottawa catering company will deliver it straight to your door as well, allowing you more time to accomplish your work goals or spend time with the family.

Does work seem to be taking over your life? Don’t stress about it; use these tips and an Ottawa catering service like Kettleman’s Bagel Co. to simplify your schedule.