Whether you are planning one for your sister-in-law, a coworker or your best friend, you want a baby shower to be perfect. It is, after, a celebration of a new life being born into your family or circle of friends.

While the planning of an awesome shower can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be if you understand the etiquette guidelines and a few essential planning tips.

Planning the Perfect Shower

In order to plan an awesome baby shower, ask yourself the following questions:

When Should the Shower be Held?

In most cases, baby showers are held toward the end of the pregnancy. This is not only so the mom-to-be can show off her growing baby bump, but also to avoid having the shower before the safety of the baby is confirmed. Pregnancies, while beautiful, don’t always go as planned. Set the date during the seventh or eighth month, but be careful of scheduling the shower too close to the due date.

What Kind of Shower Should You Throw?

While traditionally showers were held for women only, today the rules are much more lenient. You can still host a women-only party if you want to encourage some female-bonding, but it’s perfectly acceptable to invite both men and women. After all, the dad did play a part in all this!

The baby also determines the type of shower as well. First born children are generally given elaborate showers, and everyone is invited to attend. This doesn’t mean the second or third child don’t deserve a celebration as well, though. These showers, however, are often more intimate, consisting of close friends and family.

When Should Invitations be Sent?

Invitations can either be sent through the mail or by email through a site like eVite.com. Whatever method of delivery you choose, the invites should include the basics: who, when, where, what, and instructions for how to RSVP. If the parents are registered, you can also include this on the invitation, or you can wait until the guests RSVP to reveal this information.

Invitations to the shower need to be sent out at least three weeks before the event. This gives guests time to arrange their schedules, RSVP, and pick out the perfect gift.

Don’t Forget Baby Shower Activities!

Showers should be fun and exciting, so make sure yours is! Provide favors for those who attend, set aside time for the mom or parents-to-be to open the gifts, and plan plenty of fun and silly games. Not sure what games your guests would enjoy? Try a few websites. We love The Bump for fun and unique baby shower games.

What Kind of Food Should You Serve?

No matter what time of day the shower is held, offering your guests refreshments is never a bad idea (especially since the mom-to-be always seems to be hungry.) In order to take some of the stress off and ensure a perfect shower, arrange to have your refreshments delivered by an Ottawa catering business like Kettleman’s Bagel Co.

With the help of Kettleman’s Bagel Co., your guests will be able to enjoy delicious deli sandwiches, cream cheese smothered bagels, and a beautifully arranged tray of crunchy vegetables. Using Ottawa catering to provide refreshments for the shower will also save you time and allow you to focus on other areas of the event that need attention.

Ready to plan the perfect baby shower? With these tips and the help of our Ottawa catering company, you will be sure to please the parents-to-be and create a memorable day they won’t soon forget.