When it comes to hiring new employees for your business, setting up a booth at a job fair, or career fair is the best way to make contact with those in the community who are actively seeking employment.

Job fairs allow potential employees to meet representatives of your company, and give you the opportunity to seek out multiple individuals with various talents that could benefit your business.

Ensuring the job fair is successful requires forethought, planning, and a bit of luck. Here are just a few ways you can make sure you reach as many potential employees as possible and find the right new hire.

Creating a Successful Job Fair

  • Outline Perks and Benefits – Before even arriving at the job fair, make sure you understand what makes your company stand out. Remember, while the individuals you meet are actively searching for a new career, that doesn’t mean they will automatically take anything offered to them. You have to sell yourself, and doing so means outlining the benefits and perks of working with the company. Create a pamphlet that describes these in detail
  • Make Them Linger – Attracting potential employees to the booth and keeping them there isn’t always easy, but can be done with a bit of planning. One of the best ways is to provide them with delicious, wholesome food. Hire an Ottawa catering company like Kettleman’s Bagel Co. to provide platters of warm bagels and cream cheese, delectable deli sandwiches, or crisp, healthy veggies for the booth. With the help of Kettleman’s Bagel Co., you will not only be able to draw the interest of individuals who might not normally consider visiting your booth, but you can also keep them lingering while you discuss your business needs and their qualifications further.
  • Ensure Proper Representatives – Make sure the best individuals are present to represent the company; asking a receptionist or single rep to take over this important task is a big mistake. Make sure there are at least a few department leaders heading up the booth, so the potential new hires will receive the important and essential information they need in order to make a decision about joining the company.
  • Have an Appointment Book Handy – While you could wait to call each individual that requests more information about the company later on, why waste time? Have an appointment book handy to schedule interviews right on the spot.
  • Video Presentation – Even if individuals don’t stay long at the booth, make sure to obtain their email address as quickly as possible. Later on, take the time to email them a prepared video presentation that covers an overview of the company. This will help refresh their memory about your company and will inform them further about the business.

Are you thinking of attending a job fair in an attempt to recruit new hires? While passing out pens and exchanging business cards can help, it isn’t all you can do. Go further. Do more.

Make sure the job fair is a success and that you walk out with at least one new hire by using video presentations, an Ottawa catering company, and the correct reps for the booth.