As a mom, you barely have time to brush your hair in the morning, let alone getting out for a girls’ night. By the time the kids are tucked away in bed cuddling their teddy bears, you simply want to put on a good movie and pour yourself a glass of wine.

Every once in a while, though, you’d love to be able to have a little fun; fun that doesn’t require a sippy-cup or a playground. Fun that involves spending time with your best friends, hanging out, laughing, and even making a few memories. You can have all this, with a girls’ night in.

A Fun Girls’ Night in 

Don’t want to pay a babysitter, but still want to have some fun with your friends? Invite your girlfriends over for a girls’ night in. Have them bring their children as well, and while the kids are playing, you can enjoy the night too with these fantastic ideas.

  • Chick Flick Marathon – While your husband tries to be supportive of your romantic comedy obsession, he’s most likely calculating the next move he’s going to take with his fantasy hockey team during your favorite chick flicks. Spend the evening with people who can truly appreciate the power of a good cry and passionate love story. Invite your friends over for a chick flick marathon, break out the tissues, and bust open a bag of popcorn.
  • Book Club – Love books? If your friends are bookworms like you, invite them over for a book club meeting every week or month. Make it an engaging evening full of imagination, laughter, and fun.
  • Swap Night – What woman doesn’t love going through her friend’s closet and picking out a new, interesting outfit to wear? That’s the basis behind swap night. Gather your friends together and ask them to bring items they’d like to share with the group, like clothing, jewelry or handbags. Plan the entire night around swapping these items. It won’t cost thing, and each friend will go home with new goodies they love.
  • Pinterest Night – Think about all the craft ideas you pin to your Pinterest board, but never get around to making. Plan a Pinterest craft party where all the members will agree on one or two craft items, pitch in for supplies and get together for a creative evening. Add a bottle of wine for extra fun.

An Essential to Each Girls’ Night: Food 

One of the most important parts of girls’ night in (besides wine) is food. After all, you’ve cooked for your family all week. The last thing you want to do is prepare another meal or order an unhealthy pizza. No, when it comes to girls’ night, the best solution is to rely on an Ottawa catering service like Kettleman’s Bagel Co. to provide you with a few trays of tasty food.

At Kettleman’s Bagel Co., we can make your girls’ night in a successful one with food that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds. We offer sandwiches, salads, baked treats, bagels and spreads, meat trays, and even vegetable trays. You can pick the platters up before the girls’ night in, or (because we know how time-consuming being a mom is!) we will deliver the trays right to your door.

Are you ready to relax and have a little fun with your friends? Have a girls’ night in with the help of these tips and Kettleman’s Bagel Co.