Spring is here and it’s almost time for outdoor weddings and receptions to begin. Especially for those on a wedding budget, outdoor events are economical as well as beautiful. Make this post-wedding outdoor event memorable using the following helpful tips and ideas. We also have a recommendation for flower girl dresses for those brides looking for dresses that suit an outdoor venue.

Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

  • Be Specific – It’s the wedding of your dreams, but in order for everything to go as you want it to, there has to be an open line of communication between you and your vendors. Be sure the DJ, florist, photographer, and preacher know exactly what they should be doing. Don’t leave them to second guess their timing or your expectations. Be specific, and if you are unsure of how something should be done, ask them for assistance. Make sure you are the one making the final decision though.
  • Be Accessible – While the wedding day is all about the bride, that doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t important. Make sure the photographer, videographer, and DJ can all reach you in case of questions or emergencies. You never know when or why they may need to talk to you.
  • Older Guest Placement – If there will be music at the wedding reception, be sure to place older guests farther away from the DJ or band. The closer they are, the louder the music will seem. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  • Ottawa Catering – Choosing an Ottawa catering company for the reception is a big decision. For an outdoor, casual reception, there is no better option than Kettleman’s Bagel Co. Kettleman’s can provide a lovely arrangement of deli sandwiches, bagels, meat trays, fruit and veggie trays the guests will be sure to love. Remember, an outdoor reception can be simple and the food can be casual.
  • Preplan Photos – While it only takes a few seconds for a photographer to snap a picture, it can take ten to fifteen minutes to gather the appropriate individuals for each and every one. Make sure to plan ahead for pictures so you don’t miss out on half of the reception. Plan to take a few while guests are arriving or eating.
  • Take the Time to Greet as Many Guests as Possible – If the reception is large, it may be difficult to stop and thank each guest on the day of the event. However, take the time to greet as many as you can during the reception. If wedding pictures don’t take all of your time, stand at the entrance to the reception and greet guests as they arrive. They will be thankful and happy you took the time to do so.
  • Assign Tasks – At the end of the reception, the last thing you want to think about it cleaning up. After all, this is the time you should be riding off into the sunset with your new husband and creatively decorated car. To stay as stress-free as possible, assign clean-up tasks to responsible family members and friends. Also, make sure to assign someone to transport gifts and other important items back to your home before heading off on the honeymoon.

Are you ready for the wedding reception? This event requires just as much thought and effort as a wedding, and there are right and wrong ways to pull them off. Make sure to hire the right Ottawa catering company, be mindful of guest seating, and keep in touch with the vendors to guarantee a perfect reception you won’t ever forget.