Summer is the perfect time to host an outdoor event. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the weather is fantastic, most of the time. If you are thinking of inviting a few friends over for a party in your backyard this month, however, you need to make sure you taking the correct precautions to ensure your guests enjoy their time.

Hosting an Outdoor Event

  • The Food – When choosing food for the outdoor event, rely on an Ottawa catering company with a great reputation and wonderful food like Kettleman’s Bagel Co. Our Ottawa catering company can provide you with a variety of dishes for a casual meal, such as veggie trays, deli sandwich trays, salads, fruit trays, and trays of bagels and cream cheese. Kettleman’s Bagel Co. can deliver these dishes to your home at a specific time so you don’t have to worry about letting them sit in the hot sun or taking up room in the fridge.
  • Atmosphere – While the food delivered by our Ottawa catering company will most likely be the highlight of any casual outdoor event, you will also need to create a fun and exciting atmosphere as well. Set up plenty of outdoor seating in a shaded area to keep your guests cool and decorate the space with colorful outdoor pillows, throws, and potted plants for a rich summer feel.
  • Drinks – If you choose to serve alcoholic beverages at the outdoor event, keep in mind that these drinks can be very dehydrating, especially in combination with the hot sun. Remember to offer cool, refreshing beverages as well, such as iced tea, lemonade, water, and punch.
  • Pests – Don’t let pests ruin your catered event. When planning the event, make sure to look to make sure the area isn’t home to ant hills, bees, gnats, or mosquitoes. Keep pests away from guests and food by using bug zappers and citronella candles. This will ensure the event is pleasant, especially if it continues into the evening hours when insects can become more prevalent. In addition, make sure all food is covered when it isn’t being eaten so insects can’t come into contact with it.
  • Bad Weather – There are some things you just can’t plan for, and bad weather is one of them. If wind, rain, or excessively hot temperatures threaten your event, make sure you have a backup plan. For hot temperatures, you can supply additional shade via patio umbrellas or tents and plug in fans to circulate air. If rain and wind are the problem, make sure you are prepared to move the party to an indoor location. Make sure to contact Kettleman’s Bagel Co. as well if this happens, so they know exactly where to deliver your food.
  • Sun and Dirt – While outdoor events can be fun and memorable, they can also be dirty and hot. Make sure to keep guests comfortable by providing sunscreen, non-sticky bug spray, small personal fans, and hand sanitizer.

Are you ready for your outdoor event? Keep these tips in mind so you can be sure your event is enjoyed by each and every guest who attends.