Are you looking for a way to make new friends in the Ottawa area? While joining Facebook pages and introducing yourself to new people online is one way to make new friends, it can only take you so far.

One of the best ways to meet new friends, network with businesses, and possibly even meet someone special is by attending a Meetup through

Fortunately, here in Ottawa, these Meetups occur regularly. At these events, you will have a chance to meet new people who also share common goals and interests.

Meetup Groups

Upcoming Ottawa Meetups

  • Master Entrepreneur GroupAre you thinking of starting your own business? This Meetup group will connect you with others to discuss tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur. You’ll be able to share new and interesting ideas and insider tips for beginning your own startup company.
  • Art of Living  This Meetup is for anyone who wants to share, learn, or discover what it means to live a happy, healthy life with the use of spirituality, self empowerment, yoga, and meditation. Workshops are available to help individuals learn a revolutionary breathing technique, call the Sudarshan Kriya, that is taught all around the world.
  • Cycling Ottawa Love to cycle? This cycling advocacy group is for anyone with a passion for cycling and includes a couple of different calibers: leisure, which focuses on recreational pathways at speed of 15 to 18 km/h, and commuting, which includes road cycling at speed of 18 to 24 km/h. Don’t forget to add Kettleman’s Bagel Company to your route!

Create Your Own Meetup

While there are many different Meetups available here in Ottawa, you might not find one that is specifically right for you. When this happens, don’t become discouraged. Instead, set up your own! You can create your own Meetup, one that establishes your personal tastes and helps you find others who have the same interests.

Let’s take a look at how to do it.

  • Figure Out a Theme – Every Meetup has a specific theme or cause; in order for yours to be successful, you need to establish what that theme is. Do you want to find friends who love horses? Do you want to find individuals who love to read? Do you want to meet others who love to hike? Establish these guidelines up front.
  • Pick a Place – Figure out where you want the event to be held. Are you okay with inviting perfect strangers to your home, or would you rather meet at a local park or pub? Of course, we suggest a public place. I’m thinking Kettleman’s Bagel Company is perfect!
  • Food – One of the best ways to attract more interested parties to the Meetup is to provide your guests with food. You can’t go wrong with Kettleman’s Bagel Co. We make any event delicious. Check out our menu to help plan your event.

Ready to attend your first Meetup? Or would you rather create your own? Whichever you decide, you now have the opportunity to meet new friends, share a drink and a bite to eat. Who knows where it could lead?