Montreal style bagels are considered by many to be the best bagels in the world, and of course, they can be found right here at Kettleman’s Bagel Co. If you’ve never had the pleasure of indulging your palate, you may be wondering why they’re so special, and sought after.

Say Hello to the Montreal Bagel

Montreal bagels, like the similarly shaped New York bagel, first made their way to North America by Jewish immigrants from Poland and other Eastern European countries. the differences in texture and taste reflect the style of the particular area in Poland in which the immigrant bakers learned their trade.

How Are Montreal Bagels Different from Other Bagels?

The Montreal-style method adds a unique nuances that bring it to a whole new level:

  • Montreal bagel dough includes egg – which gives them a much more tender quality than water-based dough
  • Honey in the dough – for a unique yet slight sweetness
  • Honey is also added to the water used for poaching the bagels before baking
  • The bagels are baked in a wood-fired oven – The flame heat gives creates the variety of texture between the interior and exterior of the bagel

The result? The Montreal bagel is uniquely toasty and crunchy on the outside, yet remains soft, chewy, and sweet on the inside – with an unbelievably delicious and distinctive, slightly sweet taste that you just won’t find anywhere else. The slight sweetness from the honey also makes the Montreal bagel satisfying when enjoyed alone, or ideal with the addition of spreads, meats, or other ingredients. Realistically, the sky is the limit. Anything from fresh jam and cream cheese spread to smoked salmon or poached eggs can be enjoyed on this king of bagels.

How Does the Montreal Bagel Compare to the New York Bagel?

I’m glad you asked. New York has been known for their bagel making prowess. But how would they stand up to a food critic?

Steven A. Shaw, a New York City food writer, took part in a comparison for the Montreal Gazette back in 2000. The New York vs. Montreal Style taste test involved purchasing bagels in both New York and Montreal at the same exact moment and then flying the Montreal bagels to New York for the final verdict. “The Montreal bagels won hands down,” said Steven Shaw.

Of course, we’re not going to put down another artisan and their work. There’s enough bagel lovers out there for all of us. But we are pretty proud of the fact that our Montreal style bagels have such a huge following of satisfied foodies!

Montreal-Style Bagels Are Out of This World…Literally

Oh, and one more claim to fame. Montreal bagels have been out of this world, literally. In 2008 Montreal bagels accompanied the space shuttle along with a Canadian astronaut!

Is your mouth watering yet? Well come on over to Kettleman’s Bagel Co. and enjoy! We make them fresh daily!