karnatzelWhen we made the decision to open the first Kettleman’s Bagel Company, back in 1993, we knew that it was so going to be so much more than just a place to pick up a quick bagel.

When eateries are created with authenticity and tradition in mind, they have an interesting way of creeping into our lives and connecting us to fond memories. That’s the kind of thing that will cause a person to drive five miles out of their way in the morning, or to be included on an itinerary of “places to visit.”

At Kettleman’s, that’s what we strive for. One of our Old World favorites is our Karnatzel.

So, What’s a Karnatzel? 

Montreal smoked meat is famous the world over, and there’s nothing that quite says, “authentic Jewish deli experience” like a Karnatzel.  .

A Karnatzel is a dried, cigar-shaped beef sausage, generally about the width of a nickel and seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, and herbs. These tiny but flavorful meat treasures are  a part of the history of Montreal. Most of us remember seeing them hanging behind the meat counter as an authentic deli trademark –which they still do. (Kernatzel’s are best when hung to dry for a week or so.)

Don’t let the simplicity factor fool you. Karnatzels are revered as the most delicious of all Montreal cured meats.

Looking For a Bit of Culture? Here’s the History 

Today’s authentic deli culture dates back to the 19th century when Jewish people brought recipes, including the Karnatzel, with them from Europe and Russia. At first they were sold out of carts on the street, but these authentic recipes made their way into delis.

Now the Karnatzel is just as much a symbol of a culture as it is about offering a traditional Jewish favorite. A few generations back, neighborhood delis, meat markets and bakeries were a normal part of every community. They provided the people of the area with their own familiar favorites. Today, Kettleman’s Bagel Company is carrying on the legacy with a commitment to culture and taking an artisanal approach to everything we do. You’ll never sink your teeth into anything that’s been mass produced or processed when you enter our doors.

The Kettleman’s Signature Karnatzel

At Kettleman’s, we like to put our own signature on things. We’re kind of show-offs, –but in a good way. So, our Kernatzel is a delightful, spicy beef sausage with a twist. Ours is hand wrapped in our own Montreal Bagel dough.  Doesn’t that just sound like heaven? It is. Spread a little honey mustard on top and you’ve got a mouth watering sensation to be sure.

Are you hungry yet? I hate to challenge you, but I just have to say that I’ve never known a customer to eat just one Kettleman’s Karnatzel. Come on in and give it a try. This is one challenge you’ll be happy to lose.

We promise.