ottowa cateringQuestion.

Which favorite sandwich is created on a Montreal style bagel, made with special recipe smoked meat right from the brisket, and genuine, unprocessed Swiss cheese?

If you said Kettleman’s Super House Special, you are correct.

Wait. Did you say you’ve never heard of the Super House Special? That’s probably not possible, but just in case you haven’t experienced one of our Montreal style bagels for lunch, dinner or a late night snack, –let’s go over the awesomeness:

First, we take Lester’s secret recipe hot, smoked meat; Did we mention Lester’s is a pioneer in the field of Montreal smoked meat and has received international awards for the quality and excellence of their meat? It’s true! Then we generously pile the smoked goodness on one of our own freshly made, dense, sweet Montreal style bagels, and top with unpasteurized Swiss cheese. Oh, and let’s not forget the honey mustard.  Kettleman’s also uses a homemade hot mustard, created with mustard seed, salt, malt vinegar, and a few drops of water.

We like to think of our Super House Special as a Canadian version of the American pastrami sandwich.

Are you hungry yet? Our Super House Special is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, and according to TripAdvisor, tourists have voted Kettleman’s Bagel Co. as a must stop for anyone traveling in the Ottowa area.

What’s just as awesome  as the Super House Special?

The atmosphere at Kettleman’s.  It’s a real treat to get to see the bagel bakers rolling, boiling and baking the bagels right in front of you. With no walls of partition at Kettleman’s, visitors are able to watch the baker reach into the oven with a long board, pull it out full of hot bagels, then send the whole load flying in an arc through the air into the receiving chute.

Whether you’re in need of a nutritious (and delicious) lunch, dinner or late night snack after hours, Kettleman’s is here for you 24 hours a day. Our famous Ottawa sandwich is offered exclusively at Kettleman’s, so come on out. You’ll be glad you did!