CaptureHoliday parties have the potential to be wonderful and memorable times spent with family and good friends. On the opposite side of the spectrum, they could also be awkward, inappropriate, boring or just terrible. No one wants a terrible holiday party.

In an effort to help you make this year’s holiday party the best yet, we have compiled a list of 5 crucial things that could either make or break your gathering.

What Every Holiday Party Needs

Good Group Dynamic: Many times when we begin to compile the list of people we want to invite to our parties, we don’t take dynamic into consideration. By that we mean, you write down Jack, Jill, Jennifer and Jamie without thinking about the fact that Jennifer and Jamie are two of Jack’s angry exes. A party can quickly head south when you bring exes and new girlfriends and boyfriends into the same confined space. Try to invite people who you know don’t have issues with each other.

Limit Alcohol Consumption: There’s a big difference between a party and a party and you never, ever want to get the two confused. One way to keep your party from becoming a party is by limiting alcohol consumption. Just because you’re serving alcoholic drinks doesn’t mean you have to bring out every single bottle of alcohol in your home. Another method to keeping a limit on how much everyone is drinking is by playing bartender. If you’re the one serving drinks people are less likely to overdue it.

Catering: Keep yourself out of the kitchen and free to mingle by having the party catered. Finger foods are light enough to keep your guests from being overly full, but heavy enough to keep hunger at bay. At Kettleman’s Bagel Co. we have a number of options from a veggie platter to deli meat to fruit. Having your party catered will also shave a significant amount of time off of your clean up.

On Site Babysitter: Being that we’re no longer in high school, many or all of our friends and family have kids. Make your party kid friendly by hiring a couple of babysitters for the night. They can keep the children busy doing holiday crafts, snacking or watching movies while the parents enjoy the company of adults for a change.

Ice Breakers: Although all of the people that you invite to your party are your friends, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are friends with each other. This can make the first hour or so of the get-together a little awkward. Break the ice by playing a game that tends to make people laugh such as charades or catch phrase.

With these tips in mind, rest assured that this years party is sure to be a success.

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