CaptureThe generation of today, is different. We have seen and experienced the flaws of our behavior  prior, and are making an effort to change it. We’re recycling, we’re conserving and best of all, we’re making an effort to take care of our bodies. More and more people are saying no to preservatives and chemically engineered food, and are instead opting for fresh ingredients. Kettleman’s Bagel Co. is on board with this positive lifestyle change and has the food to prove it.

Not only are our bagels made fresh every day, but our ingredients are clean. Our menu features a number of items that will help you along on your journey to a “clean eating” lifestyle.

Healthy Menus Items

Of course we have the obvious healthy items such as: Classic Caesar Salad, Bill Salad and the Chef Salad. All of our salads are crisp and delicious and made with fresh ingredients.

Our Bill Salad is a favorite of clean eaters. It’s wide array of ingredients makes it all the more delicious. Made with oven roasted chicken breast, garden fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, spicy eggplant, sweet red peppers, onions and house dressing on the side. What’s not to love?

Most people don’t expect a sandwich to be very healthy, but here at Kettleman’s we do sandwiches differently. Here are our top three healthy sandwiches:

  1. Kettleman’s Special: This delightful sandwich is made with smoked salmon, deli
    cream cheese, tomato, red onion, and served with garlic cloves.
    Health Benefits: Smoked salmon is a great source of protein. It also provides your body with B-complex vitamins, vitamin D, magnesium and selenium. Most importantly, smoked salmon provides your body with omega-3 fatty acids which is absolutely crucial to healthy brain functioning.
  2. TLC: This sandwich is both refreshing and filling. Made with tomato, lettuce, cucumber, swiss cheese and Kettleman’s honey mustard.
    Health Benefits: Cucumbers are typically written off as a water based based vegetable. In reality the health benefits of a cucumber are practically infinite. Their good for your skin and hair, they replenish your daily vitamins, they cure bad breath, joint pain and diabetes. And if all of that isn’t enough, they also prevent many types of cancer.
  3. Oven Roasted Chicken: If you weren’t a fan of the above two sandwiches, you probably will be a fan of this one. After all, who doesn’t like chicken? Our Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich is made with chicken, lettuce, tomato, sweet red peppers and pest sauce.
    Health Benefits: Chicken is a rich source of protein which your body uses as a source of amino acids to maintain your tissues and allow you to heal after being injured. Chicken is also a source of vitamin B-12 which your body uses for a multitude of things including oxygenating your tissue and keeping energy levels up. Another benefit of chicken is that it provides your body with iron. Iron is needed in the body in order to carry oxygen in your blood, produce new cells and guide cells into becoming functional tissue.

Along with these items, Kettleman’s has many more nutritious foods on the menu. Stop in any time and let us prepare you for work or school with a healthy meal.