ottowa cateringWe’re an understanding bunch here at Kettleman’s.

We realize some of you have never tried a Kettleman’s Super House Special. Without first hand (or mouth) experience of the tender and delectable Montreal smoked meat, you may not fully understand the reason why our customers come from miles away, and always stop in when on vacation. I guess you could say, “It’s a Montreal Smoked Meat Thing.”

  • The Reuben
  • The Super House Special (with cheese)
  • The Super House Special (without cheese)

Why are these sandwiches three of the most popular on the menu? Could it be the mouthwatering crunch of the pickle spear that is served with them? Or what about the sweet tang of Kettleman’s honey mustard? These may influence the decision, but the real winner is the hot Montreal smoked meat. The delicious superstar meat is what makes these sandwiches so delectably scrumptious and addicting.