1301abbb3fcd7a6d079bbaf8e2dde5baValentine’s Day is a special time when you show the person you love, or the person who you want to love, exactly how you feel. For some it’s a beautiful day spent with their significant others. For others it’s a day filled with the hope that maybe, just maybe, they will be able to win over the hearts of the ones they’ve been dreaming of.

So what does the perfect Valentine’s Day consist of? Well, chocolate, flowers and love of course! But it’s how you play out the day that makes the difference

The Valentine’s Day Plan

First thing’s first. Wake or greet the one you love with flowers. This is a flawless start to the day. It shows that you didn’t just remember it was Valentine’s Day five minutes ago, as well as showing how much you care. There are two perfect Valentine’s Day flowers in our opinion. First and foremost is the rose. You can never go wrong with roses. Second is the tulip which we consider one of the sweetest flowers.

Next is breakfast. There are two ways to do this part. You can either treat that special someone to breakfast in bed, or head out for breakfast. There are many restaurants, bakeries and cafes to choose from but one of them happens to be our favorite. Kettleman’s Bagel Company in Ottawa is by far the best breakfast joint around. The food is always fresh and delicious. They serve coffee as well, so don’t worry about making another stop for a caffeine boost. Kettleman’s Bagel Company also offers catering so if you are opting for breakfast in bed this is the perfect choice!

After breakfast take a walk in a romantic park or garden. Our top pick for romantic outdoor locations is the Ornamental Gardens & Arboretum. Bring a blanket, bring your guitar, make it special. Use this time to bond with your loved one. Don’t rush this part along because it is the perfect time to slow things down and be in tune with each other.

Last is dinner! By far the most interesting dinner location for Valentine’s Day is the Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum. The museum will be hosting a “Love, not war” Valentine 75 feet underground! Dining, drinking, photo fun and a romantic comedy will all be included at this unique Valentine’s Day dinner location.

With all of these Valentine’s Day date ideas in mind, you will be sure to show your significant other just how much you love them. If you are trying to win over the heart of that woman or man that’s been on your mind, this is a fool-proof plan! Take a risk this Valentine’s Day. Make it memorable, make it special. Take advantage of this day, use it to strengthen your relationships and maybe even form new ones.

If you are planning on stopping by Kettleman’s Bagel Company they are located at 912 Bank St Ottawa, ON K1S 3W4 Canada. If you are planning to have your Valentine’s Day catered, call 613-567-7100 to place your order.