kettleman's bagel co.It may seem like you couldn’t be happier than you are right now. Perhaps you’ve got a great job, a loving family, and maybe you’ve had a chance to travel and explore the world. Despite all this, however, there are times when you long for the years before. What you used to consider a lackluster adolescence now has a glow that you find magical. Those first years out of college, when you lived on ramen and could barely scrape together enough money for rent each month now seem fun, free, and exciting.

This yearning is something known as nostalgia. According to Webster, it’s a yearning to return to earlier times that we remember as pleasant and happy or a former item or place that brings back happy memories. It’s wanting to return to a time when things were simpler.

Why We Love Nostalgia

The sense of nostalgia is different for everyone, but for the most part, we all love nostalgia because:

  • It Gives us a Sense of Belonging- Think of one time a year that you often feel nostalgic. Did you think of the holidays? If so, you’re like most individuals. This is perhaps the most common time for people to feel nostalgia because it gives us a sense of belonging. We long for times past when everyone in our families would gather together around the dinner table or the Christmas tree. Even if you can’t be with your family, or some have passed away, that nostalgia allows you to remember what the holidays used to be like and feel those same blissful feelings.
  • It Takes us Back to Childhood- Have you ever had the thought, “If only I could be a kid again?” These were times when things were simple; you didn’t have to worry about bills or getting to work on time. You just had to have fun. Nostalgia allows us to think back to our childhood and reminisce about it. Many times it’s triggered by memories of those days. You may feel nostalgic when you bite into a hot bagel with cream cheese, just like your mom used to make you for breakfast or when you smell the scent of fresh cut grass. The memories take you back and allow you to experience those same feelings you had as a child.
  • It Reminds us of Simple Pleasures- No matter what you’re born in, there are always plenty of changes to experience as you grow older. Nostalgia allows us to think back to when times weren’t as complicated as they are now.
  • It Helps With Depression- Nostalgia used to be considered a disorder, and those who loved to dream about the past were once thought to be depressed. In 1999, however, a team of researchers began studying the effects of nostalgia and were pleasantly surprised to find that it actually had quite the opposite effect. Nostalgia has been shown to counteract anxiety, boredom, and loneliness. People feel closer when sharing nostalgic memories, are more tolerant to strangers, and are much happier overall.
  • It Helps us Appreciate Our Present- While many of us like to think about our futures, thinking about the past can actually help us appreciate our present. It allows us to feel good about our choices, our relationships, and our roots. It can also give us the strength to continue moving forward.

Live Your Nostalgia With Kettleman’s Bagel Co.

When you enter Kettleman’s Bagel Co., there’s no doubt you’ll feel an automatic sense of nostalgia. Whether you think back to your childhood and remember the smell of your mother fixing you bagels in the morning, or you bite into our Nanaimo bars and it takes you back to holidays with your family, let our Ottawa catering company help you relive your happiest, most precious moments.