Kettleman's Bagel Co.When many people walk into Kettleman’s Bagel Co., there is one thing they are after: the perfect bagel. As much as we all love these warm and chewy delights, however, how much do we actually know about them- other than they are delicious?

Fun Facts About Bagels

  • According to popular belief, bagels date back all the way to 1783, and were created in honor of King John III Sobieski of Poland. An Austrian baker create the first bagels in the shape of a stirrup after the famous horseman protected the people of Austria from Turkish invaders. He named after the Austrian work for stirrup, beugel. As the beugel became more and more popular throughout Eastern Europe, the bagel was transformed into what we see today, a circular shape with a hole in the middle.

  • The hole in the center of the bagel isn’t just for appearances. It actually had a function. Rumor has it that the bagel hole was left so that multiple bagels could be threaded onto a dowel. This allowed bakers to transport the bagel more easily. This was important, as many bakers in older days had to walk down the street to sell their goods.
  • While there are many bagel flavors available from chocolate to blueberry, most people who order bagels stick to plain. Sesame bagels are the second most popular choice, however.
  • When it comes to toppings for the most popular bagels, the majority of people who order them choose cream cheese.
  • There are a few days a year that are specifically set aside to celebrate the bagel. For instance, February 9th is National Bagels and Lox day. Lox is a thinly sliced cured type of salmon that is delicious on top of a bagel, especially with a bit of red onion, some capers, and cream cheese.
  • Bagels are a traditional Jewish food, and have been eaten for centuries on Saturday evenings at the end of the Sabbath due to the quick baking nature of the bread.
  • Montreal style bagels are different than New York style and other bagels because of a few nuances. They are made with eggs, which provides them with a more tender quality, and their dough has honey in it for a bit of sweetness. Honey is also added to the water they are poached in before the baking process begins.
  • Bagels are the only the type of bread that are poached or boiled before they are baked. After the dough has been mixed and shaped, it is dipped into the water for a short period of time, then drained prior to baking.

Hungry Yet? Stop in to Experience Our Bagels

While learning about bagels is fun, there’s nothing better than actually biting into one. At Kettleman’s Bagel Co., we offer a variety of flavors and spreads, whether like the tradition of a plain bagel and schmear or want something more exciting, like chocolate or blueberry. Stop by and see for yourself why our Ottawa catering company offers the best bagels around and be a part of the history surrounding this delicious bread.