Dollarphotoclub_61575536 copySummer time is just around the corner and you know what that means, warm weather! The beautiful summer temperatures open new doors for party planning. Because we are no longer fighting off the cold, we have the option of throwing parties outdoors.

Outdoor parties are a whole new world. We get to enjoy the company of our friends and family while enjoying perfect weather.

Outdoor Party Planning

We are going to share with you, five tips for throwing a flawless outdoor party. With the help of these ideas, you’re party will surely be a hit.

1. Drinks

Drinks are an important aspect to any adult party. Some people drink, others don’t, so you do want to put out non alcoholic drinks as well. Because the warm weather is working its way in, and alcohol does have a way of making the body very warm, it is a better choice to put out refreshing drinks. Wine spritzers, spiked lemonade, and sangria are all wonderful options

2. Outdoor games

Keeping your guests entertained, without having to entertain everyone yourself, is key. Games such as cornhole, volleyball and football are great backyard games that friends and family will enjoy playing with one another. This will keep them entertained, and keep your party lively.

3. Get rid of mosquitoes

If you are planning on having a party that continues on into the evening or night, it is absolutely vital to its success that you place mosquito zapping or deterring items around the perimeter. There are many different options for this from tiki torches, to candles, and more.

4. Provide seating

Make sure you provide enough seating for everyone to sit down. One of the worst positions to find yourself in at a party, is stuck without a chair. While everyone else relaxes and mingles, you awkwardly stand there waiting for someone to get up and sacrifice their chair. Make sure you provide enough seating.

5. Catering

The food is most often the highlight of any party, as people are always hungry! Make your food memorable by having it catered. This will keep the pressure to cook mass amounts of food off of your shoulders, and keep you out of the kitchen so you are free to mingle with your guests. Ottawa’s best catering company is Kettleman’s Bagel Company. They prepare everything from baked goods, to veggies and fruit platters, and even sandwiches. The food is always top notch, and guests are always surprised to hear that it isn’t homemade!

Kettleman’s Bagel Company

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