Loving fun fatherWith Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start brainstorming gift ideas. You want to show your father that you appreciate him, love him, and know his personality. There are a few things that any father would appreciate receiving on this special day of the year.

We are going to share with you, three excellent gift ideas that your dad is bound to love. The hard part will be deciding on which one to go with!

Perfect Father’s Day Gift

1. Facial Hair Maintenance Kit

There are a couple of things that most men take pride in: 1. Grilling skills, 2. Facial hair.

Does your dad have an epic beard, mustache, goatee, soul patch, etc.? Help him keep it in tip top shape with a facial hair maintenance kit. This is a gift he will be able to use over and over again.

Does your dad NOT have facial hair? That’s okay! If your father prefers a smooth face, he still needs a method of maintaining that. A facial hair maintenance kit is the perfect kit for any dad.

2. New Grill

As we stated previously, grilling skills are one of the top two things men often take pride in. If you have the extra cash, buy your dad a brand new grill. This is an excellent gift that won’t soon be forgotten by your old man.

If you don’t have the money to buy a new grill, a close second are grilling tools. Nothing makes grilling more fun, than a bunch of new tools to try out!

3. Delicious Food

Is your dad a food lover? Of course he is! A wonderful way to show your appreciation for your dad, is by taking him out to eat. It is important that you choose a restaurant that has quality food, that your dad will enjoy.

Kettleman’s Bagel Co. is a flawless choice. Take your dad to Kettleman’s Bagel Company and enjoy a delicious lunch together. Kettleman’s offers a wide variety of sandwiches, baked goods, and more that are prepared fresh every day.

Kettleman’s Bagel Co.

Regardless of what you choose to surprise your dad with this Father’s Day, we are absolutely positive that he will love it. The number one, most important thing for you to do on this special day, is to let your dad know how much you love and appreciate him.

Considering throwing your dad a Father’s Day party? Let Kettleman’s Bagel Company handle the catering. We offer a wide variety of foods that are sure to be a hit at any event. Are you vegetarian? Do you only eat kosher? We have you covered! Visit Kettlemansbagels.ca to view our menu, and contact us to place your order.

From all of us here at Kettleman’s Bagel Company, we hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day this year!