03D60812 copyWith summer in full swing, there is no better way to spend your days in Ottawa than by heading to the beach! The weather is warm, and the water is refreshing.

When planning the perfect beach day with your friends or family, there are certain things that you should always bring along. We are going to share with you, all of the components necessary for having the best beach day possible.

Components for a Perfect Beach Day

The beach has the potential to be a bit of a let down if you aren’t well prepared. We are going to share with you, the key items necessary for the perfect beach day. Depending on who you’re going with, you can pick and choose the items you want to bring.

  1. Music

Music sets the mood. The sound of the waves is nice, and relaxing, but sometimes you need a little more energy. Bring your music, and bring your portable speakers for an instant change of vibe.

  1. Games

Are you heading to the beach with the type of people who would rather be up and moving around, rather than sunbathing? Then bring games! Frisbee, football, volleyball, there are tons of options that work perfectly as a beach day activity. Bring any one of these items to have a great time.

  1. Umbrella

If you are going to the beach with a group of people who would rather relax, you’re going to want to bring an umbrella. This will provide shade for those who want to get out of the sun. This way you and your family can stay and hang out at our Ottawa beaches for as long as you’d like, without getting burned!

  1. Reading material

This is another vital item to bring if you’re planning on relaxing. Bring a magazine, a book, crossword puzzles, something to keep you occupied. If you happen to get tired of just sitting in silence, you will be thankful that you remembered to bring you book.

  1. Food

Last, but most certainly not least, bring food! Food is the number one most important component for a good day on the beach. If you want to make a good day even better, bring Kettleman’s. Nothing pairs better with that starved feeling you get after a good swim, than a fresh chicken salad, or a delicious sandwich.

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