_M3F4942If you have ever experienced Kettleman’s Bagel Co for yourself, you already know what makes Kettleman’s the best. You’ve experienced the warmth, the freshness, the savings, the availability, and all that is Kettleman’s. For those of you who have yet to expose yourself to this delicious and wonderful experience, you will want to by the time you finish reading.

There are so many things to love about Kettleman’s, so many things about the place that just make you want to stop in for a bite, but today we are going to share with you a few of our absolute favorites.

The Kettleman’s Experience

1. Always There When You Need it

We mean this quite literally. Kettleman’s is a 24/7 establishment. This means that whether it’s finals week, you can’t sleep, you’re awake ridiculously early, you’re awake ridiculously late, you forgot to buy food for your get together, or whatever situation you may find yourself in, Kettleman’s is open. We serve a wide range of foods from sandwiches, to bagels, baked goods, and more. We are there when you need us.

“I went here all the time. It’s open 24 hours. Almost every weekend I would come here and get a sandwich, half a dozen of bagels and their own cream cheese.”

2. Affordable For Practically Anyone

Kettleman’s is well known for their affordability. Delicious fresh bagels, baked goods, coffee and more for a small fee. If you are looking to get an even better deal, Kettleman’s offers our day old bagels for an unbeatably low price. Stop in to your nearest Kettleman’s to find out when the day old bagel price cut happens.

“This is a great place to get a cheap and delicious weekend breakfast.”

3. Undeniable Freshness

At Kettleman’s we make our bagels fresh all day long, from traditional methods. Unless you make bagels at home yourself, you have never tasted a bagel more fresh and delicious than ours. With a variety of spreads and toppings to choose from, our bagels just keep getting better and better.

“Kettleman’s Bagel has great bagels. Actually I think they have the best bagels I’ve ever had.”

4. Beautiful Atmosphere

One of the most common comments we hear about Kettleman’s, is how lovely the atmosphere is. Our fire oven creates a nostalgic feeling that brings back memories of good times, Christmas, and happiness.

“The Wood-burning oven is a sight to behold, and the senses are swarmed with fresh dough, wood-burning scents.”

Kettleman’s Bagel Co.

Kettleman’s Bagel Company is Ottawa’s most beloved eatery. With everything from sandwiches, to bagels, knishes and more, it’s no wonder why everyone loves it. Kettleman’s provides fresh bagels and foods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it’s always there when you need it.

Are you planning on hosting an event? Let Kettleman’s Bagel Company take care of the food. Kettleman’s is known as the best catering company in Ottawa because their food never disappoints. Contact Kettleman’s bagel company today and let us handle the food at your next event.