Kettleman's Rewards Card

We Have A Nifty New App, Rewards, and Gift Cards!

We recently celebrated being open for a month at our new College Square location, and with it, came the first 30 days of customers using our brand spankin’ new app, courtesy of Spoonity, for both iOS and Android.

As a cash only business for a long period of time, we knew that we needed to provide alternative methods of payments in our stores in a world where the immediate ability to do almost everything from your phone is now the norm. That’s not all, though. Besides the app, we also have new gift cards and a new rewards program that we’ve rolled out. We’re also offering tap enabled debit in both of our stores as well. You can use your regular debit cards in our stores, and if you’ve set them up with Apple Pay or Android Pay, we can take that too. In summary, you can now pay 4 different ways in our stores. The Kettleman’s app. A Kettleman’s gift card. Debit. Good ‘ole fashioned cash. They’re all nifty and fast. High fives for good vibes, but let’s get back to our app. You’ll want to consider using this form of payment for 3 reasons.

Reason #1

We’re going to give you a half dozen free bagels just for downloading and registering on the app.

You heard this right. We’re not kidding. Free bagels make the world go round. Download the app and register. Load $8 to your app (the value of a half dozen bagels) and we’ll match it with another $8! Spend $8 and get $16!

Reason #2

We’re going to give you a dozen free bagels on your birthday.

When you register on the app, we ask you for your birthday. That’s how we know to give you the dozen on the one day each year where it’s all about you. Conditions apply. Read the terms of service in our app.

Reason #3

Each purchase using the app entitles you to Kettleman’s rewards!

We wanted to create a rewards plan that was simple and straightforward, but that also created a sense of working towards something reasonably attainable. Not like Air Miles where it seems like you need 40 billion miles to hop on a $200 seat sale flight or a certain drug store where you never seem to have enough points to buy anything. We wanted our rewards program to reward you as quickly as possible. Each transaction processed on the app will earn you a certain amount of rewards points. It’s a point per dollar spent. Once you hit 100 reward points, $10 is added to your app. The rewards program equates to a 10% cash back. Easy as knishes.

Now with that said….we wanted to give everyone a bit of a primer on how the app works. So here goes…

Download the app. Register and sign up. Add a payment method. Open it up. You’ll see three tabs across the home screen. Transactions, card, and rewards.


These three tabs form the basis of most of the activity you’ll be doing. Transactions will have a history of everything you’ve done with the app. Slapped $20 onto your app from your Visa or Mastercard? You’ll see it here. Bought 3 sandwiches at our location in the Glebe? You’ll see it here. Curious to see what you bought at a store back a week ago, using the app? You’ll see it here. It will show you what you spent, when you spent it, what you loaded your card with, your remaining balance, and any points you earned towards rewards. You get the drift. The card tab show a electronic version of your “digital card”, so to speak. It will indicate the balance you have, and this is the tab you need to be on to pay for your items at a cash. You’ll have to “flip” the card on your screen but hitting the “show code” button. On this tab you can also set an auto reload on your app, add new cards, or even manually reload a new balance onto your app. Lastly, the rewards tab is very straightforward. Any rewards you’ve accumulated get stated here. The half dozen free bagels you’re entitled to, just for registering on the app, will be waiting for you here, too. Simple.

There’s another series of screens here as well.



Account options is fairly self explanatory. You can add forms of payment for the app, update your credentials and contact information, and indicate some communication preferences. Locations is fairly self explanatory. If you critically need bagels and need an address, you’re on the right tab. EGIFTS is a super convenient feature. Listen up on this one. EGIFTS lets you send friends and family electronic gift cards. Sending a dozen bagels (the funds to purchase them at least) is simple and fun, now. You can arrange to have the egift sent immediately or arrange for it to be sent at a later date. You can alternatively purchase a physical gift card with a balance on it in our stores, if you wish.

Lastly, rewards can be accumulated purchasing anything from our menu, with the exception of catering.

Questions? Comments? Contact us!