That’s exactly what Ottawa’s Mayor, Jim Watson, did yesterday when he bet New York mayor Bill De Blasio about who was going to win the upcoming playoff series between the Ottawa Senators and the New York Rangers. The Ottawa Citizen reported on the friendly and customary bet between these municipal politicians, yesterday. As per the mayor himself….

Should the Senators prevail in the best-of-seven series, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will wear a Senators jersey, send a whack of bagels up north and plant a maple tree somewhere in Gotham.
If the Rangers win, Watson will send Golden Palace egg rolls to New York City, wear a Rangers jersey and plant a native New York tree somewhere in the city.

So..couple of things to just get out there. We love Golden Palace egg rolls. They’re a great business and they have the best egg rolls in the city, in our opinion. They’re also very popularly served at the Canadian Tire Centre during hockey games. We can appreciate that being the go-to to some degree here, however, a significant battle has been occurring for years that easily eclipses the playoff contest we’re in now. Montreal-Style vs. New York-Style Bagels.

According to the Huffington Post, New York-style bagels are soft, chewy and doughy. Montreal-style bagels are smaller, denser and sweeter. Both are boiled before they are baked, to create the thick, shiny, chewy exterior, but the water used in each city is a critical distinction. New Yorkers swear it’s the NYC water that makes their bagels so good and impossible to imitate in any other city. Montreal bagels are boiled in water that has been sweetened with honey — a defining characteristic of this style. This argument has been burning like a pesky fire and it’s had no shortage of opinions. The Huffington Post reported that Montreal style purveyors can’t keep store shelves stocked in the empire state. Vice’s Munchies went so far as to say that New York bagels simply suck. Even the New York Times weighed in on this age old debate in the culinary community. This isn’t a new discussion. This debate has been raging for decades. Anyone who knows anything about food, baking, ovens, or flour knows this.

Which brings us to our next question….why would the mayor engage with Bill de Blasio and bring egg rolls to a bagel fight? We have no idea! Forget that this would have been a perfect opportunity, in the spotlight of an intense hockey series, to perhaps have finally put to rest this ages old war of which is better than the other. Forget that many in the culinary community think we have the best bagels in the world. Forget that Bill de Blasio may have never had egg rolls! For whatever reason, our beloved mayor passed up the opportunity to properly put the screws to the Rangers and the city of New York by what we can only assume was a lapse in judgement. That’s like bringing a curling iron to a ribbon cutting – and mayors do those ALL THE TIME.

Jim. Mayor Watson…please….make this right. If an Ottawa series win eludes us – come to our store and send de Blasio what you should have bet in the first place. Two dozen fresh Kettleman’s bagels.