Founded on tradition

Our commitment: make the best bagels, the old-fashioned way, with premium ingredients.

Founder and Montreal native Craig Buckley opened the first Kettlemans Bagel in Ottawa in August of 1993. When he started the business, he simply wanted to make the best bagels you could find.

By rolling, kettling, and baking traditional Montreal Bagel in a wood burning-oven using hand picked hardwood, and maintaining an unwavering commitment to the traditional quality of the food, we have become a food institution — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year — for over 25 years. However, tradition does not mean much if the authenticity is gone.

It’s all out in the open

All of our preparation, rolling and baking is done before your eyes.

One of the reasons we are so successful is that we offer our customers a “no-wall” experience. When patrons walk into our bagel shop, the first thing they see is the Kettlemans Bagel Roller working and rolling fresh bagels, cutting the dough with a knife, and boiling the bagels in honey water to seal moisture.

Behind the Bagel Roller is the baker who finishes the bagels with fresh poppy or sesame seeds and bakes them for about twenty minutes in our wood-burning oven. Once the process is complete, and it is an active process of carefully turning over the bagels away from the open hot wood flames, the bagels are ready to be eaten.

Just the traditional and original attention to detail which one expects when they go to an old-fashioned bagel shop. You can buy bagels anywhere – but you can only get a Kettleman’s bagel in one place.