If you’ve checked  out the Kettleman’s Bagel Co. Facebook Page recently, you’ll see we’ve highlighted the Brent Buckman Diet, a pretty amazing diet plan in which Brent Buckman, a former contestant of The Apprentice, lost 70 lbs and 12 inches from his waist.

A bagel diet? Can this really work for you? We knew you’d want more information on this, and who wouldn’t? It would be a shame to have to pass up the fresh, preservative free, wholesome goodness of Kettleman’s Bagels because of your desire to lose weight. We found some excellent information for you and have outlined the details below:

What is the Purpose of Your Diet?

First of all, it’s important to determine the reason for your diet. This will clue you in on what you’ll be able to include and what you’ll need to avoid. We always recommend consulting a physician before starting any diet, –just to make sure you’re pursuing weight loss with the right information about your current health. Read more