Baklava If you’ve never had a taste of Baklava, you’re missing out on a real treat. This perfectly flaky, syrupy, and sweet desert is not for those who think Biscotti is sweet. No, no, no. Baklava is the cheesecake of the pastry world. It’s that rich. One bite and you almost think you’ve had enough. One little problem, –you can’t stop. Two bites, three, and then five later. Yep, that’s just right. Okay, so I’m a big fan.

Baklava has been a favorite in Mediterranean countries for years and is made using nuts, butter, sugar, and Phyllo dough. After it has been baked to perfection, a sweet syrup is poured over the top, which becomes absorbed into the layers to create a desert so tasty it’s almost sinful. Read more