karnatzelWhen we made the decision to open the first Kettleman’s Bagel Company, back in 1993, we knew that it was so going to be so much more than just a place to pick up a quick bagel.

When eateries are created with authenticity and tradition in mind, they have an interesting way of creeping into our lives and connecting us to fond memories. That’s the kind of thing that will cause a person to drive five miles out of their way in the morning, or to be included on an itinerary of “places to visit.”

At Kettleman’s, that’s what we strive for. One of our Old World favorites is our Karnatzel. Read more

 Hey foodie, hipster, photography lover, techie! We just want to say thank you for making Kettleman’s Bagel Co. so #Instagood!

Instagram & Kettleman’s – A Match Made in Heaven

Even if you’re not a self proclaimed foodie or photographer, there’s a good chance you’re aware of Instagram, the popular photo app that lets users engage with a worldwide community. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram effortlessly brings out the hidden photographer (and videographer) in all of us, and according to Instagram, images of food and pets are the top two favorites.

If you haven’t tried Instagram yet, you might want to set aside a couple of hours. It’s pretty addicting. Personally, I love it. Instagram provides me with the ability to snap a photo with my phone, throw on a cool filter, maybe a frame, and then #hashtag it for others to find. The hashtag is probably the most fun for me. Adding this little # to your images allows other Instagram users to find you, –not by your name, but by your current subject matter. Read more

ottowa cateringQuestion.

Which favorite sandwich is created on a Montreal style bagel, made with special recipe smoked meat right from the brisket, and genuine, unprocessed Swiss cheese?

If you said Kettleman’s Super House Special, you are correct.

Wait. Did you say you’ve never heard of the Super House Special? That’s probably not possible, but just in case you haven’t experienced one of our Montreal style bagels for lunch, dinner or a late night snack, –let’s go over the awesomeness:

First, we take Lester’s secret recipe hot, smoked meat; Did we mention Lester’s is a pioneer in the field of Montreal smoked meat and has received international awards for the quality and excellence of their meat? It’s true! Then we generously pile the smoked goodness on one of our own freshly made, dense, sweet Montreal style bagels, and top with unpasteurized Swiss cheese. Oh, and let’s not forget the honey mustard.  Kettleman’s also uses a homemade hot mustard, created with mustard seed, salt, malt vinegar, and a few drops of water. Read more

Montreal style bagels are considered by many to be the best bagels in the world – superior to the New York style bagel that is more widely known across North America. What makes these bagels different? What’s the story behind the delicious recipe? Why do they taste and look different than regular bagels?

The recipe was brought to Montreal via Polish and eastern european Jewish immigrants around 1880. Isadore Schlafman and Chaim Seligman are widely credited with officially introducing the recipe to Montreal. Schlafman was selling bagels in a makeshift bakery in an alley off of St. Laurent, and Seligman was selling his wares by the dozen off of a horse drawn carriage. For a while, Jack Schlafman (Isadore’s son) and Seligman were in business together, but they eventually ended up having a falling out. Schlafman opened Fairmount Bagel in 1949 in Montreal’s Mile End community, and the legend states that while he was building the shop, he conveniently found an old brick wood burning oven that was perfectly suited to the business. Read more