Why Catering Is the Best Choice

Kettleman's Bagel Co.Upon deciding that you will be the host of a party or a gathering of people, there are a few things to really keep in mind as you plan all of the ins and outs of your event. What will the theme be? How many guests will I invite? And most importantly, what will we do for food? As the plans begin to come together, one thing you will most certainly notice is the fact that you are going to be pretty busy on the day of your event. You will have to decorate, entertain, keep an eye on things, everything pretty much falls on your shoulders, and aside from asking your friends for a little help, there isn’t much you can do about it.

However, when it comes to the food, there is always something you can do to make the task a little easier to manage. Hire a caterer. Read more

halloween pumpkinHalloween is a holiday celebrated in many places around the world. Some have haunted hikes, some have trick or treating, some even have theme parks that aim to scare the socks off of anyone who enters, but no one does Halloween exactly like Ottawa, Canada. If you’re considering visiting Ottawa the month of October, we have some advice on a few things you and your family MUST do! This is sure to be your best trip to Ottawa yet. With activities for adults, children, families and friends, there is something for everyone to take part in during Halloween in Ottawa. Read more

Kettlemans033For anyone who has ever hosted football games at your house for a season, you know what a big commitment it can be. You have to clean your house, pay your cable bill, and cook a ton of food in order to keep super energetic sports fanatics happy…

When you originally decide to be the football hosts for the season you think “This will be fun!” However, after cooking dinner for 30 hungry people for the 3rd time in one week, the fun kind of fades away.

Kettleman’s Bagel Company is going to share with you, a few tips on how to keep the enthusiasm all season long. Read more

What Do You Recommend?

Kettlemans017Upon visiting a restaurant for the very first time, or maybe even the second and third, there is one thing we always ask the waitress, or the person standing behind the counter…”What do you recommend?” More often than not the server will respond with a general statement such as, “It’s all good.” What is one to do with this answer? After being given this type of response, you are in no way closer to narrowing down your order. Read more

_M3F4942If you have ever experienced Kettleman’s Bagel Co for yourself, you already know what makes Kettleman’s the best. You’ve experienced the warmth, the freshness, the savings, the availability, and all that is Kettleman’s. For those of you who have yet to expose yourself to this delicious and wonderful experience, you will want to by the time you finish reading.

There are so many things to love about Kettleman’s, so many things about the place that just make you want to stop in for a bite, but today we are going to share with you a few of our absolute favorites. Read more

kettleman's bagel co.Planning a day spent with your children is a wonderful idea. Depending on what you decide to do with the day, this could be a memory that lasts a lifetime. Coming up with interesting things to do with children on a day off is tricky.

We are going to share with you, a few of our favorite parent and child activities to take part in around Ottawa. These ideas will be budget friendly, and you child will love them. Read more

CaptureChoosing to lead a vegetarian lifestyle is a wonderful accomplishment for many men and women. Many people feel healthier, stronger, more physically fit after doing so. However, there is one common struggle that comes along with becoming a vegetarian. It can be difficult to find a restaurant that serves vegetarian foods. Sandwiches have meat on them, salads have meat on them, it often seems like the only way you can stick to your new lifestyle, is by eating at home. Read more

breakfaast bagelKettleman’s Bagel Company has long been known for their deliciously fresh, and traditionally made bagels. Kettleman’s staff can be seen making these bagels fresh, all day, every day, as it is done right before the customer’s eyes. However, there is more to Kettleman’s than just bagels. That’s right, we serve a wide variety of irresistibly good foods that we feel, everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. But to be perfectly honest, after trying it for the first time, you will inevitably be coming back for more. Read more

Loving fun fatherWith Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start brainstorming gift ideas. You want to show your father that you appreciate him, love him, and know his personality. There are a few things that any father would appreciate receiving on this special day of the year.

We are going to share with you, three excellent gift ideas that your dad is bound to love. The hard part will be deciding on which one to go with! Read more

kidsPlanning on touring Ottawa this summer during your vacation?

Ottawa is typically associated with colder weather, and the activities that correspond, such as ice skating, watching parades and visiting all of the decorated homes. Most people don’t know that Ottawa is actually the home to a number of thrilling summertime activities that you must participate in during your Ottawa vacation.

We are going to share with you, the top 5 most awesome things to do in Ottawa during the summer. Read more