kidsSometimes we fall into that daily grind mentality, don’t we? Many of us, highly focused on our careers and the busyness of our day, zip through the hours answering emails, checking production numbers, scheduling client meetings, and putting out fires. And that’s just our work life. For many, it doesn’t stop there. As soon as we unlock the front door there’s a whole other dynamic that may consist of barking dogs, a crying baby, dinner, laundry or all of the above.

Do you ever feel like you’re missing something? By the time Saturday morning rolls around, many of us are ready for a change of scenery, perspective, or at least a small ‘regrouping session.’ If you’re nodding your head yes, as you think to yourself, “I know this craziness. This is my life,” I’ve got good news for you.

According to psychologists, a change of scenery generally serves as a refreshing or rejuvenation session. That’s why we love getaways, retreats, and vacations. Read more