halloween pumpkinHalloween is a holiday celebrated in many places around the world. Some have haunted hikes, some have trick or treating, some even have theme parks that aim to scare the socks off of anyone who enters, but no one does Halloween exactly like Ottawa, Canada. If you’re considering visiting Ottawa the month of October, we have some advice on a few things you and your family MUST do! This is sure to be your best trip to Ottawa yet. With activities for adults, children, families and friends, there is something for everyone to take part in during Halloween in Ottawa. Read more

Yes, we’re a little obsessive about food around here, and very unapologetically so, I might add. Not only do we love the taste and sheer satisfaction of the food and specialty items we offer at Kettleman’s; we also like to know the history behind every bite. Somehow the story behind the taste makes it so much better. I know I’m not alone in my thought processes. After all, there’s a whole genre of food lovingly labeled as ‘comfort food.’ With it comes mental images of home, family gatherings, and even the bowl of chicken and dumplings mom would bring when you were feeling under the weather.

As I sat down this morning to a bagel with schmear, smoked salmon, capers, and onions, though, I couldn’t help but realize that schmears, just like comfort food, has a rich history. Read more