Whether you’re new to a Jewish family or just wanting to brush up on your Yiddish to impress your friends at Kettleman’s Bagel Company, there are a few words you’ll want to know the definition of.

A few of them have to do with our delectable menu items, because we know as well as you do, that ordering food when you’re not sure exactly what you’ll be served is equivalent to thrill seeking for some (not in a good way).

While we were going over our Jewish terminology, it sparked quite a few side conversations, so we thought it would be fun to provide you with more than just food, –although that’s always a great place to start. Our list below is a quick cheat sheet which will allow you to not only toss around some new terms when you come through the doors of Kettleman’s Bagel Company, –but maybe step into character and have a bit of an authentic conversation as well! Read more