How do I register for the Kettlemans App?
You can sign up for the Kettlemans App by downloading the App through the Apple App Store if you have an iPhone or through the Google Play Store if use Android. Once downloaded you click the signup button, and it will prompt you to fill out the information. Alternatively, you can sign up through our website by clicking the link below. https://kettlemansbagelsca.appsuitecrm.com/welcome
Does Kettlemans offer a birthday reward?
Kettlemans does offer a birthday reward. On your birthday you are gifted with 12 bagels on us. In order to be eligible to redeem it, you must sign up for the Kettlemans App 30 days before your birthday. If you aren’t registered, click the link below to sign up. https://kettlemansbagelsca.appsuitecrm.com/welcome
How do I redeem my birthday reward?
You can redeem the reward through the Kettlemans App by pre-ordering. You will go through the ordering process as usual, select your 12 bagels, click checkout and the reward will appear before you proceed to the payment method. The reward will automatically be applied. You can also redeem it at any of our locations, just let the team member know that it is your birthday and that you have the app. They will then be able to search for your account and apply the reward toyour order.
Do you offer delivery through the Kettlemans App?
Currently, we do not offer a delivery service through the Kettlemans App or online ordering through our website. If you would like your Kettlemans order delivered, you can always place your order through Skip The Dishes or UberEats.
Do you have vegan or non-dairy options?
At this time we do not offer vegan options, as all of our bagels contain eggs with the exception of our wholewheat bagels which do not have any eggs. However, all of our bagels are boiled in honey water. We also offer non-dairy cream cheese, that is vegan, with the exception of our blueberry cream cheese that contains honey. We cannot guarantee that there is no cross- contamination between products.
What is your non-dairy cream cheese made from?
Our Kettlemans non-dairy cream cheese is soy base.
Where is your smoked salmon from?
We believe in providing our guests with the freshest and best product possible, this is why our smoked salmon is sourced from Nova Scotia. It is 100% Atlantic Canadian salmon. Our smoked salmon is antibiotic free, with no added hormones, 100% non-GMO, and chemical free.
Where is your smoked meat from?
We leave the smoked meat to the Montreal experts, who know how to do it the best.
Are your deli meats processed?
The deli meats we put in our sandwiches are all made in-house at our central kitchen in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Our roast beef, pork, and turkey are all seasoned, cooked and sliced. Our Oven roasted chicken is marinated and then cooked in-house. Our ham is sliced, and afterwards, we add our ham glaze.
Do your bagels contain soy products?
Our bagels do not contain any soy product, we use canola oil. However, they may contain soy as some of the ingredients in our bagels may contain soy. We also cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination.
What is the difference between a Chicago Pickle and other dill pickles?
Chicago pickles traditionally are kept in the brine for a short period of time, close to 14-15 days whereas other dill pickles are kept in the brine for a much longer period of time. Having the pickles kept in the brine for a shorter period of time, allows them to stay fresh, to give them that crunch while still having all the great flavours from the brine.
What makes Kettlemans jams so different from other jams?
Our Kettlemans jam is from a town in Italy called Apulia, where fresh tropical fruit is predominant. We offer blueberry, fig, apricot, orange, raspberry and strawberry. All flavours are manufactured with fresh local fruits and vegetables, which are carefully hand selected before production. We strive to serve the highest-quality of food and be transparent in our operations. All jams are made without the use of artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.
How far in advance do I have to place my catering order?
We require that all catering orders are placed 48 hours before the event.
How do I place my catering order?
You can place your order through our website (link is below). Placing your order does not mean that it is finalized, it is just sending a submission to our catering manager who will then contact you to finalize the order to ensure everything is perfect for the event. Link: https://www.kettlemansbagels.ca/catering/
Are you open 24/7, 365?
All locations are open 24/7, 365 with the exception of our Whitby location (4140 Garden Street) which is open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, 7 days a week and our Kanata location (710 Eagleson road) that closes for in-store orders at 10:00 pm and reopens at 6:00 am, between these hours, we will be open 24/7 for drive-thru services.
Are you open on holidays?
Yes, we are open during all holidays. Listed below are all holidays in which we are open: – Family Day – Easter – Victoria Day (May Long Weekend) – Canada Day – Civic Holiday – Labour Day – Thanksgiving – Remembrance Day – Christmas Eve – Christmas Day – New Years Day
Are your sandwich boxes recyclable or compostable?
Our sandwich boxes are made from 100% materials that are both recyclable and compostable.
Are Your Bagels Vegan?
No. They’re Not. Our bagels contain eggs except for whole wheat. They are also boiled in honey water.
Do your bagels contain eggs?
Yes our bagels contain eggs. Except our whole wheat bagels. They do not.
Are your bagels gluten free?
Sorry. No they aren’t. Our bagels contain flour.
Are your bagels kosher?
We now have one location, 1365 Woodroffee Avenue, in Ottawa that sells Kosher bagels. At this time, only this location offers it.
Do your bagels contain any dairy?
No they don’t. Dairy is defined as any food item containing milk or anything made from milk. Cheese, butter and yogurt are good examples. Our bagels are dairy-free.
Why can’t you make gluten-free bagels?
Here’s the goods. We prepare our bagels in an environment where refined white flour is used extensively to make dough, roll bagels, and bake. There is no effective method for us to provide gluten free products responsibly as the risk of cross contamination is high.
I have food allergies! Peanuts, tree nuts, sunflower oil/seeds, peas and lentils are things I can’t eat. Are your bagels safe for me to eat?
Our bagels “may contain” traces of nuts and seeds. We are not a nut-free facility. While we do our best to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot provide a guarantee.