Kettlemans Bagel City of Ottawa COVID safety plan

Business name: Kettlemans Bagel 
Plan created on: November 08, 2021 
Contact name: Alexandra Plante 
Contact email address: 
Contact phone number: 6472698791 

01 Important notes

The safety plan builder has been designed to help all businesses establish best practices to help keep their workers and customers/clients safe from COVID-19 and other risks in the workplace 

Those responsible for a business or organization must follow all relevant requirements set out in: 

  • The Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020 (ROA) 
  • Directives from the Chief Medical Officer of Health 
  • Local public health orders 
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) 
  • The Employment Standards Act (ESA) 
  • Any other relevant legislation 

Employers must stay up to date on legal requirements as the situation evolves. 

Under the OHSA, employers must determine when PPE or other masking is needed for their workers. More information on using masks in the workplace is available at 

Employers also have sector-specific minimum requirements which they must meet based on the ROA. It is the employers responsibility to ensure that their safety plan satisfies all legislated requirements. These requirements are listed in O. Reg. 364/20 of the ROA and in the Roadmap to Reopening. Specific requirements may include: 

  • Screening 
  • Collection of contact information 
  • Physical distancing 
  • Masks and face coverings 
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) 
  • Capacity limits 
  • Other specific requirements 

02 Communication and training

Posters for workers and visitors have been put up around the workplace 

  • Physical distance 
  • Screening and self-assessment 
  • Wearing masks 
  • Hand hygiene 

Information on changes to our plan or safety measures is provided to workers 

  • By email 
  • Individually in person by supervisors 

Information on our health and safety measures will be shared with customers/clients/visitors 

  • On posters at entrances 

All workers have been instructed on our COVID-19 health and safety measures 

We support our workers with information to help them stay safe outside the workplace as well (e.g., while commuting, on days off) 

03 Plan evaluation and worker engagement 

This safety plan is reviewed 

  • Weekly 

When we add new safety measures, we check that they do not create any new hazards or that measures can be put in place to control new hazards 

We are maintaining a record of actionable feedback related to this plan, and the steps taken to address any issues 

We collaborate with our workers on solutions to any health and safety issues 

Our joint health and safety committee has been consulted about our safety plan and measures 

04 Worker screening 

All workers are actively screened before starting each shift 

  • Asking workers the screening questions upon arrival at work verbally 
  • Asking workers the screening questions upon arrival at work on paper 
  • Workers are screened using rapid antigen testing/at home self-testing weekly 
  • Screening is done before the worker comes to the workplace or outdoors at the workplace whenever possible 
  • Workers are instructed to stay home if they are sick or have any COVID-19 related symptoms 

05 Visitor screening and instruction 

Visiting workers are actively screened 

  • Asking the screening questions upon arrival 

Visitors are given instructions on posters at all entrances to stay out of the workplace unless they pass the self-screening questions 

Specific guidance is given to vendors and delivery drivers 

  • Wear a mask 
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering the workplace 
  • Maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from all staff and customers whenever possible 

06 Limiting interactions 

An area has been designated for contactless pick-up of orders 

Start times, breaks and lunches have been staggered to limit in-person interaction Workers have been assigned to their own dedicated work areas 

Contactless payment is encouraged whenever possible 

Extra space has been opened for workers to use for breaks and meals to limit the number of people in these spaces 

07 Crowd control 

We have rearranged our facility to allow for more space between people 

Whenever possible we have more payment points open to limit the number of people in lines 

We stagger arrivals, departures and breaks to reduce crowding at entrances and exits and in common areas 

The customer/client capacity limits are posted at the public entrance(s) 

Adjustments will be made to ensure we follow all local public heath requirements regarding capacity limits 

08 Physical distancing and separation 

Physical distancing floor markers have been installed, spaced at least 2 metres (6 feet) apart 

Workers who must be within two metres of others will follow our rules on use of masks and personal protective equipment as described in that section 

Workers will maintain physical distancing of at least 2 metres (6 feet) at any time they are not able to wear a mask, such as for eating and drinking 

Lunchroom/breakroom has been rearranged to enable physical distancing 

We have established an area for lining up that starts 2 metres (6 feet) from the entrance, lobby, service counters, washrooms, elevators 

Physical barriers have been installed in areas where it is not possible to maintain physical distancing 

Physical barriers have been installed at these locations: cash registers 

09 Ventilation and air quality 

Workers are encouraged to take breaks and eat meals outdoors whenever possible Ventilation system is maintained according to manufacturer’s instructions An HVAC engineer has been brought in to assess air quality and ventilation Ventilation system has been set to run before and after people are in the workplace 

We have improved our ventilation beyond standard requirements by reviewing and where possible implementing best practice ventilation guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19 transmission 

Exhaust fans in the kitchen are kept running at all times when workers are in the building/facility 

Exhaust fans in the kitchen are kept running beyond operating hours We have taken steps to identify poorly ventilated areas and make changes 

10 Masking and personal protective equipment (PPE)

Workers will remind customers/clients/visitors to wear masks properly and consistently 

Posters have been put up throughout the facility to remind customers/clients/visitors to wear masks properly and consistently 

Our workers will wear masks while in the facility 

  • Cloth mask 
  • Disposable non-medical mask 
  • Medical masks 

Workers will wear a mask at all times when indoors in the workplace, unless alone in a private space, eating or drinking, or they require an accommodation which does not allow for wearing a mask 

Workers who must be within two metres of another masked person will wear a mask for the duration of their interaction, both indoors and outdoors 

Workers who must be within two metres of any unmasked person will wear a surgical/procedure mask or equivalent or better protection along with eye protection, both indoors and outdoors 

Workers wear appropriate COVID-19 PPE for all tasks where the worker may be within two metres of an unmasked or improperly masked person (eye protection and a surgical or procedure mask) 

Workers have been trained on the proper use of masks and PPE 

Staff working in hot areas wearing masks have been instructed and reminded to follow measures to prevent overheating (e.g., drinking water, taking breaks) 

We have medical masks available to give to clients if needed 

11 Vehicles 

Work vehicles are to be used by only one person at a time (no passengers) Work vehicles are limited to just the driver whenever possible 

Workers who have to travel together in vehicles are assigned to travel with the same people for all trips, whenever possible 

The amount of time people spend in shared vehicles is limited as much as possible When work vehicles have to be shared, masks will be worn at all times 

If a group of passengers are in the vehicle, all seating is spread out to keep as much distance as possible 

All high touch surfaces in the vehicle are cleaned and disinfected between occupants 

All people in the vehicle will wear a mask or face covering that covers their mouth, nose and chin 

12 Cleaning, disinfecting and hand hygiene 

Our workers have been trained to select and safely use cleaning products for their work including the use of additional PPE that may be required (such as gloves, protective clothing and/or respiratory protection) 

We have developed a document with cleaning procedures and schedules 

Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content has been provided at locations throughout the building 

13 Mental health and wellbeing 

We strive to create an atmosphere in which workers are comfortable discussing the issues that prevent them from being productive at work 

We provide information on mental health resources to our workers 

We have provided information on available leaves related to COVID-19, including the paid infectious disease emergency leave and unpaid infectious disease emergency leave 

14 Violence and harassment 

A violence and harassment policy has been established, which outlines how workers can report issues and how the issues will be addressed 

We do not accept violence and harassment directed towards our staff. We encourage our customers to treat our staff with respect 

If any customers have complaints about our COVID-19 policies, they will be directed to talk to management 

Management will retain a record of all incidences of violence or harassment and will report to the authorities as necessary 

15 Other measures 

The volume of music (or other background noise) will be kept to a level where normal conversation is possible to discourage yelling 

16 Reporting a case 

If a worker lets us know that they have tested positive for COVID-19 and there is a possibility it could be related to the workplace, we report the case within four days to: (check all that apply) 

The Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development – (Use subject ‘Attention: Director’) 

We report to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) within three days ( if a worker either: 

Lets us know that they have tested positive for COVID-19 and there is a possibility it could be related to the workplace 

Is injured while working either at the workplace or at home 

17 Facilitating contact tracing 

We keep track of contact information for workers to provide to the public health unit in the event of a worker or other customers contracting COVID-19 

We keep track of contact information for customers/clients and visitors to provide to the public health unit in the event of a worker or other customers contracting COVID-19 

All contact records are kept for a minimum of one month